Description of the machine

The dust remover consists of two elements, the vibrator and the filter.

The carpet, conveyed by elastic belts, sheds its dust in the vibrator, due to the vibrating action of the two cylinders. The carpet does not suffer any kind of damage, so the most delicate of carpets can be dusted.

The carpet emerges from the same side as it enters, as a result of which the vibrator can be placed tight against a wall, with the consequent saving of space. The carpet is also automatically rolled.

Machine only needs to be attended at the moment when the carpet is introduced. Start up and shut down are button operated. Advance and vibration speeds are variable. The vibrator is all made in stainless steel AISI 304. The top cover is transparent.

The filter consists of three parts, the aspirator, the filter itself and the accumulating deposit for the dust. The filter is long lasting and easy to change. The mechanism for removing the dust deposit is highly practical. The filter is automatically cleaned each time the machine is switched off.