Machinery for the industrial washing of carpets

Why Catinet ?

  • + For experience

    24 years dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of carpet treatment machines.

  • + For innovation

    The experience of our customers and their suggestions about the type of carpets that are currently on the market (always more troublesome) makes us develop new products.

  • + For profitability

    The previous points take us to affirm that although our machines are not the most economic on the market, they are the most profitable due to their 100% stainless steel structure.

  • + After sales service

    All problems are resolved in 24 hours. We are totally aware that a carpet cleaner can not let his work be affected by a technical problem, regardless how important the problem is.

What's New

Nuestras máquinas

  • Measurer


    Removes the heavier dust particles that the washing machine does not remove.

  • Dust remover

    Dust remover

    Máquina para desenpolvar alfombras.

  • Washing Train

    Washing Train

    The cleaner by excellence.

  • Spin dryer

    Spin dryer

    Removes water quickly and makes the drying process much more economical.

  • Carpet hanger

    Carpet hanger

    An ideal solution for each installation.

  • Packing table

    Packing table

    The appearance is very important. A carpet that is well brushed, rolled up and packed dignifies the service.

  • Total


    The economy of space reaches excellence.

  • Combing


    The perfect finish for handmade carpets.