Description of the machine

Its main feature is the type of brush, instead of the usual circular brush; it is now a transversal brush with continuous movement. It always works in the same direction as the carpet’s hair.

This way we achieve that the carpet’s hair, once washed, has the same look as a new carpet. It doesn’t need to be brushed and it doesn’t tear the hair locks, silk carpets, viscose. The texture of a new carpet is maintained.

It counts with a new system of water and detergent input that is like washing and rinsing 3 or 4 times in only one washing process.

It also has of a great system to clean the back of the carpet by injecting strong water injections.

At last we also stand out a pre centrifuge process with two pressure rollers at the exit of the machine, that although it doesn’t replace the final centrifuge, we are able to remove the 60% of residual water from the carpet. This means the carpet weighs much less and can be manipulated with more ease since it doesn’t drip, making this heavy process of cleaning much easier.