Description of the machine

A drag chain draws the bar assembly. The bars carrying carpets move along the bottom, the empty bars on top.

The carpets are always hung in the same places, thus ensuring completion of the operation in a very short time.

The carpet can be fitted with 1 or 2 elevators (ascent and descent).

The elevator’s maximum height is 6 metres. The hanger’s length can be varied from 5 to 20 metres, with capacity for hanging between 50 and 200 carpets. The entire process is performed automatically.

The hanger can be made adapting the dimensions of a drying room, or could be recovered with insulating panels. The hanging bars could be made of stainless steel.

Mini Dryers

We have two mini dryers, one with capacity for 12 carpets and another one with capacity for 25 carpets.

The mini dryer is a container structure with stainless steel tubes, completely isolated from the outside with 4 cm of sandwich panel.

Inside on the left, there is an 80 cm diameter fan and a deshumidifier together with bars for hanging carpets of 4 meters. width. The bars are anchored in manual motion conveyor chains.

It has a front door for loading and unloading carpets.

The whole drying system offers the less energy consumption currently available in the market.

You get the complete drying of the carpets  in 20 hours and if the dryer is not full and if the carpets are thin the drying process is completed in12 hours.