Description of the machine

Continuing with our policy of innovations in the cleaning sector, Catinet S.L. presents this carpet wringer with a pressing process between two rollers, with the novelty of achieving a similar and even better drain than the conventional centrifuge machine with 300G.

As all cleaners know, this resolves problems such as the typical colour transfer that happens with the centrifuges. Also it is totally silent, without vibrations or maintenance.

The effectiveness of this process is optimal for carpets with natural hair, but not with synthetic carpets with which the centrifuge gives better results (except the ones with plastic bases, in which case the Pressextractor is much better no matter what kind of hair it has).

This system has limitations with carpets that have prominences on the surface, sewn carpets, patch work type (very popular nowadays) and the ones that have a very deteriorated weft, since there is danger of breaking, the same as with the centrifuge.

Resuming, it does not replace the traditional centrifuges, but it’s essential for all carpet cleaning companies due to the advantages described above.